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"Why am I having these headaches?"

Written By Red River Chiropractic and Wellness on September 21, 2021

Headaches can be a terrible plague on a person's life.  They're miserable.  They can simply make life difficult and less pleasureable or completely shut it down, like a migraine, leaving a person in bed in a dark room.  They are also big business. People spend tens of millions of dollars on over the counter pain relievers to make them go away.  People sometimes even find themselves in emergency rooms resorting to shots for bad migraine headaches.  Botox injections are even being used to help relax the tension of muscles of the scalp.  Regardless of the severity of someone's headaches, they're something people want to get rid of. 

I don't have the solution to everyone's headaches but I've learned a tremendous amount about their various causes over the years and believe I can help the vast majority of headache sufferers safely, naturally, without drugs or injections.   Chiropractic, cold laser and nutritional supplementation have helped hundreds of my patients get rid of their headaches once and for all, with very little relapses.  

It all starts with understanding the cause of the headaches.  A headache is only the symptom, or effect.  I'm trained and my focus is on identifying the cause.  Neck misalignment or, vertebral subluxation, is the most common cause of headaches.  Nerve, muscle and joint stress from unidentified, untreated, previous injuries, poor posture and poor ergonomics are the cause of the majority of a person's headaches.  A thorough examination and x-rays go a long way in finding out if something is "out of place" in someone's neck.  A medical doctor is not trained in finding and identifying subluxations as the cause, only chiropractors have this training and expertise.  Sadly, this is why so many people suffer with headaches and are using prescription or over the counter medications for short term, temporary relief.   In a perfect world, medical doctors would refer all of their headache sufferers to trusted chiropractors who have a track record of helping headache sufferers.  

TMD, or tempomandibular disorder, a problem with the TMJ (tempomandibular joint), can also be a big contributor to headaches.  Dizziness and migraines can also accompany TMJ problems.  For the past 17 years or so, I've been using a unique and amazing technology called "Low Level or "Cold" Laser Therapy" to help TMD sufferers.  If a person has a TMJ problem, I've had a high degree of success in helping them.  

Nutritional, especially hormonal, deficiencies can contribute to a woman's headaches.  I use a non-drug, non-blood test technique called "applied kinesiology", to quickly help me find out what a patient's body may be missing.  It's truly led to some amazing stories of recovery and improved quality of life for these patients.  

If a person does not respond to my different methods, I'll most likely seek the help of a medical provider to rule out a more serious cause.  If you or someone you know suffers with headaches and would like a chiropractic opinion, I'm happy to help find what's causing them.  Not living with headaches and living a pain-free life is a tremendous blessing.  I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful profession and healing approach as chiropractic to help people find true relief and better health, naturally.  

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